May 6, 2018

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

Message - "What Agent Are You?"

FCS Singing

May 13, 2018

Scripture: Romans 11:33-36; Psalm 50:7-15
Message - "Who is Holding You?"

Mother's Day, Dedication of Babies

May 20, 2018
Scripture: Colossians 1:15-23
Message - "End Times & How We Live"

May 27, 2018

Scripture: Acts 26:1-3

Message - "How to share Your Personal Testimony"


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Mission + Vision

 To the extent that we are actually are being transformed in repentance, prayer, and service, we find that we must continually strive to rupture our own boundaries.

Craig R. Dykstra 


RightNow Media – The customizable video library for every person in your church.  Equip families.  Resource groups.  Develop leaders.  Request Password  


Oswald Chambers – WISDOM FROM OSWALD CHAMBERS - Our danger is to water down God's word to suit ourselves.  God never fits His word to suit me; He fits me to suit His word.


David Jeremiah – God's grace is freely available but in order to receive it you have to realize you are lost without it.

Denison Forum – On Truth & Culture  

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