Dear Church Family,

The summer has been busy! I guess it always is with vacations, day trips, camps and so on. It has been busy for Brenda and me. For me, a mission trip to Jamaica, two weeks at Camp Concord teaching at Girls Week and Boys Week. Brenda has been taking care of grandchildren, working extra hours (busy mortgage season), and keeping up with laundry and food for all of us.  It has been a good summer. Our local grandchildren have visited often, and we have had fun on the lake with all nine, ages 5 to 15. In mid-August, Brenda and I will travel to New Orleans to take the grandchildren home and spend a few days with our daughter and her family.

 I’ll be preaching a revival at Bethany Baptist in Baskerville, August 4 - 7 (Sunday morning through Wednesday evening). Join us any evening you can!

I will be working to bring together some of the ideas we developed in the “What Next?” sessions we held after the “The Church Jesus Envisions” sermon series. Be on the lookout for these and be prepared to “jump in” to ministry.

I am excited that we sent students and adults on the Impact Mission trip. We’ll plan a time to hear from them regarding their experiences. 

First Baptist will be hosting the Concord Baptist Association’s “Small Church Conference” on Sunday, August 25 from 3 to 5PM. Plan now to attend this conference! Chuck Warnock, BGAV Pastor in Resident for Small Churches will be the keynote speaker. Come and hear how our church can have a “big” impact for the Kingdom. Chuck will not only bring encouragement, but also ideas!

The start of schools is upon us! Continue reading this issue for FCS highlights.

A prayer time will be added to our Sunday order of worship. Prayer is the fuel for spiritual growth. It is the path to understanding God’s will for our church. I pray you will see this addition to our service as an important part of our worship and as a necessity in finding God’s will. Pray diligently for the pastor search committee. They are seeking God’s direction and your prayer support is essential!

I am thankful to be serving Christ with you,

Pastor Joe