Definition and Summary of Position:  The music director is to organize, lead and oversee church music groups and activities, and to coordinate music for Sunday morning Worship Service. The music director will work closely with the Pastor, sound system personnel and accompanist(s) to insure that the Worship Service runs smoothly and is a blessing to those in attendance. 

Responsibilities Include:
To weekly lead the sanctuary choir in Thursday night rehearsals and Sunday morning worship service.
To select, in consultation with the Pastor, and prepare anthems, specials, hymns and incidental music for Sunday morning worship service.
To organize a Handbell Choir, Children’s Choir, Youth Choir, and Instrumental Ensemble and to coordinate the performance of the groups periodically in Sunday morning Worship Service.
To assist with Vacation Bible School if possible.
To assist with school programs for Sunday worship and in practices as needed.
To perform any other duties deemed appropriate by either the Pastor or Music Committee.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Qualifications:  The music director should have a Bachelors Degree in Music and/or several years choral directing experience. Basic piano skills are essential. The director should have good interpersonal skills and a desire and ability to work with people of all ages. Some clerical skills are desired. He/She must demonstrate a belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

minister of children & youth

Music director

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Purpose: To provide leadership in planning, promoting, coordinating, and evaluating the total program for Children and Youth ministries.
Qualifications: Must have a belief in and personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Must be deeply committed to His church and its members. This person will exhibit good moral behavior and conduct. Must have the ability to plan, organize, train, and supervise programs, events, and volunteer personnel. Should have a love for and enjoy spending time with Children and Youth ranging in age from kindergarten through teenage years. Should have an ability to communicate with said age range.

Responsibilities Include:
1. Provide leadership in planning and coordinating and educating Children and Youth ministries.
          a. Oversee children & youth Sunday School classes while assisting the lay teachers.
          b. Coordinating weekly children’s sermons and children’s worship.
          c. Lead in the recruitment and training of adult volunteers for work with the Children and Youth.
          d. Coordinate, plan, and supervise activities for Children and Youth once a week. usually in the evenings.
          e. Actively participate in VBS, Children and Youth Missions Organizations with the consultation of the pastor.
          f. Plan, conduct, and evaluate a ministry of visitation to families with Children and Youth.

2. As directed by the Pastor to perform such ministerial duties which include, but are not limited to, the following:
          a. Lead in worship alongside the senior pastor.
          b. Assist in baptizing Children and Youth.
          c. Within his/her training and abilities, counsel people in need.
          d. Attend funerals and/or visitation as needed.
          e. Hospital visitation as needed.

3. Advise the Pastor and other church leadership concerning the needs and requirements of the ministries for which he/she is responsible.

4. Any additional and/or other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Pastor.